• Pistol Shooting Drills: The Rhythm Drill

    Chris Collins of ATAP Training is on the range to demonstrate the rhythm drill, one of many pistol shooting drills for speed and accuracy. After getting a few hits on target, find the rhythm with the trigger to continue getting consistent hits. In this way, you can shoot faster by applying the same fundamentals. See…

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  • 7:27

    Especially for a new shooter, firing at more realistic three-dimensional targets can be very different than shooting at flat paper targets. Deviation has a much more dramatic effect when using 3D targets, particularly when shooting on the move. A simple way to get some 3D practice is against curved paper or cardboard targets. Drills are…

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  • Use of Battle Belts for Concealed Carry Training

    A battle belt is a load-bearing piece of equipment that’s designed to make it comfortable and easy to carry a lot of gear at the range, including holsters, medical kits, tool pouches, and extra magazines. Rob Pincus shows how it works but more importantly, talks about the rationale for owning one. In what context does…

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  • Part 5. Balance of Speed & Precision Drill on a Traditional Indoor Range

    Rob Pincus discusses important considerations for running the Balance of Speed & Precision drill on an appropriate target in the stall of a traditional indoor range. Training in a narrow space, with a limited bullet trap area, brings important safety issues to your practice that need to be addressed in how you both set-up and…

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  • Living In a 360 Degree World: Defensive Firearms Training

    Brain Sabol discusses the importance of defensive firearms training for a 360 degree world, even on a typical square range. Brian offers some ideas for how you can train more realistically even when your live-fire options don’t include 360 degrees.

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  • Visiting a Traditional Range for Defensive Shooting Practice

    There are some very important considerations for anyone wanting to do practical defensive shooting training on a traditional indoor range. In this clip, Andy Loeffler, Lead Instructor at Black Wing Shooting Center, reviews what you need to consider and gives a thorough overview of what you should bring with you in order to maximize the…

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  • Volume of Fire Drills

    Rob Pincus explains how to determine the number of shots you may need to take in order to stop a threat. A Personal Defense Network original video.

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