• Pistol Shooting Drills: The Rhythm Drill

    Chris Collins of ATAP Training is on the range to demonstrate the rhythm drill, one of many pistol shooting drills for speed and accuracy. After getting a few hits on target, find the rhythm with the trigger to continue getting consistent hits. In this way, you can shoot faster by applying the same fundamentals. See…

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  • Pistol Shooting Drills: Alternative Target Area

    A popular pistol shooting drill that can help you, if faced with a threat off the range, is the alternative target area drill or failure drill. The high center chest is the primary target area, but if the initial volley of shots to that area does not stop the threat, aiming somewhere else may be…

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  • Multiple Ports Shooting Drill

    This drill forces the shooter to get into awkward shooting positions. Openings of various shapes and sizes are cut into a target backer. Rob Pincus discusses the best way to prepare this target backer to maximize the value of this shooting drill. Since we can’t predict where cover, obstacles or bystanders will be during a…

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