• Lateral Movement Exercises

    Lateral Movement Exercises

    When under fire, we want to immediately move off the spot where we’ve been targeted. But moving does not eliminate the threat – return fire does, which means we need to shift the firearm from a ready or slung position into a shooting position at the same time we are moving to one side or…

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  • proper shooting stance

    Defensive Shooting Position: Proper Shooting Stance

    Rob Pincus discusses why your defensive shooting stance may not be the same as a traditional target shooting position. When practicing shooting to protect yourself, you need to take your natural body positions during a fight, the physics of the firearm and the most efficient use of your anatomy into consideration. Watch now to learn a proper shooting stance.

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  • Natural and Neutral Foot Position: Handgun Shooting Stance

    Natural and Neutral Foot Position: Handgun Shooting Stance

    Rob Pincus discusses the importance of developing defensive shooting skills without an preference for specific foot position. Unlike target shooting situations, defensive shooting doesn’t always allow for establishing a preferred stance prior to needing to shoot.

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  • Part 1: Trigger Control

    Part 1: Trigger Control

    One of the common misconceptions about firing a handgun is that you must have perfect trigger control.

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  • The Body's Natural Reactions

    The Body’s Natural Reactions

    Rob Pincus provides a valuable lesson how the human body reacts to a lethal threat or is startled in a life-threatening threat. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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