• Improvised Laser Training

    Rob Pincus discusses the opportunity you have to train with a laser device with nothing more than improvised targets and some creativity when you can’t get to the range or find ammunition. “Training” doesn’t always have to mean live-fire “shooting.”

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  • The Myth of Weak Hand Shooting

    Rob Pincus attacks the myth that if you switch to weak hand shooting you will be safer than if you keep the gun in your strong hand. Rob explains the assorted misconceptions and misunderstandings that go along with the idea of switching hands, and demonstrates why strong hand shooting is more beneficial than weak hand…

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  • Sight Alignment & Sight Picture for Defensive Shooting

    In this video, Rob Pincus thoroughly reviews the concepts of Sight Alignment and Sight Picture. While the basic concepts are very simple, fine tuning the application of those concepts will allow you to get the most out of your ability to control deviation and put your rounds exactly where you want them as efficiently as…

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  • Training with Firearm Laser Devices

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the use of a laser aiming device on a personal defense handgun.

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  • The Advantages of a Laser Training Target

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the use of a laser target trainer and how to integrate it into your firearms training regimen using a LaserLyte Laser Trainer. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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