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    Firearms Training with 3D Targets

    Especially for a new shooter, firing at more realistic three-dimensional targets can be very different than shooting at flat paper targets. Deviation has a much more dramatic effect when using 3D targets, particularly when shooting on the move. A simple way to get some 3D practice is against curved paper or cardboard targets. Drills are…

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  • Firing Port Exercise: Pistol Shooting Positions

    Firing Port Exercise: Pistol Shooting Positions

    Time for a skill development drill. A barricade with firing ports of varied sizes and shapes gives us an opportunity to experiment with the different pistol shooting positions we may be in when defending ourselves from behind various obstacles. The value of the exercise is in understanding how we must adjust our body position —…

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  • Training Resources

    Training Resources

    Rob Pincus frequently talks about training resources, and in this video he discusses what he means by that term. Training resources are things you have to spend in order to enhance your learning. The four major resources are time, venue, money and information.

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