• Crazy Monkey Defense: Striking

    Crazy Monkey Defense: Striking

    Crazy Monkey Instructor Cecil Burch explains the concept behind the CM approach to unarmed fighting and shares the fundamental defensive technique that he teaches. In an actual fight, ensuring that you are not knocked out or otherwise seriously injured by a strike is incredibly important.

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  • Establishing the Clinch

    Establishing the Clinch

    Cecil Burch explains how he has evolved the way he teaches establishing a clinch when fighting in extreme close quarters. Cecil explains the difference between reaching out to try to get into a control position, and using your entire body to establish proximity and then get into a clinch.

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  • self-defense techniques for women

    Part 4: Using Tasers & Firearms – Self-Defense Techniques for Women

    Rob Pincus and Kelly Muir discuss some of the important things to remember when choosing a tool for personal defense and talk about the advantages of owning and using a Taser or firearm.

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  • Utilizing A Stick In Your Defense

    Utilizing A Stick In Your Defense

    Michael Janich and Craig Foushee teach the proper technique for utilizing a medium-length stick to defend against, control and strike an attacker so that you can escape unharmed. Michael demonstrates a few of the situations you might find yourself, like when an attacker attempts to strike you either forehand or backhand, and what you would…

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  • Strikes and Fending with a Carbine

    Strikes and Fending with a Carbine

    Chris Fry demonstrates the four fundamental strikes with the long gun in this personal defense network video. Learn how to use different strikes and find out when the appropriate time is to use them. See how these strikes are used for lateral threats as well! Improve in your defensive skills today with these helpful tips…

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  • Training in Context: Three Fights

    Training in Context: Three Fights

    During Training, most people focus on the techniques and tactics that will help them win the physical fight that occurs when they are attacked, their “fight”.

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