• Part 1: Advantage of Striker-Fired Pistols

    Part 1: Advantage of Striker-Fired Pistols

    There are several variations on the defensive handgun, from single-action to double-action, short trigger to long trigger, and hammer vs. modern striker fired guns.

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  • self defense for women

    Take It Outside: Self Defense for Women

    Do you spend time outdoors? When most people think about the places they enjoy being in the outdoors the most, quite often they think about places that are isolated.

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  • Part 3: Fundamentals of Defensive Shotgun Use

    Part 3: Fundamentals of Defensive Shotgun Use

    Here’s the first thing you should learn about your defensive shotgun: it works best when you know how to use it. This is paramount. If you don’t know the fundamentals and you don’t how to be effective with your shotgun, you’ll have a much tougher time protecting yourself and/or your family. Rob Pincus demonstrates the…

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  • Criminal Assault Paradigm

    Criminal Assault Paradigm

    Criminals aren’t fair fighters. Their nature as lawbreakers guarantees that they will tip the balance so that they make it as uneven for their victim as possible.

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  • Clear, Control, Counter in an Armed Environment

    Clear, Control, Counter in an Armed Environment

    Rob Pincus teaches the 3 Cs: Clear, Control, Counter when an attacker draws a weapon in a close-quarters armed confrontation. Clearing before you counter your enemy means that you clear the weapon or yourself from the space prior to counter-attacking, and it is an important skill to utilize. If you don’t do this, you risk…

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  • Versatile Magazine Pouch

    Versatile Magazine Pouch

    Instead of collecting multiple magazine pouches, consider buying a versatile pouch that you can use to easily fit various types of magazines.

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  • Mugging Money

    Mugging Money

    Ask anyone who has ever been on the wrong side of a mugging how they responded. Chances are they did the smart thing and gave the mugger everything they had.

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  • Limp Wrist' or Unsupported Platform Failures

    Limp Wrist or Unsupported Platform Failures

    Rob Pincus discusses what may be a bit of a sore spot for some defensive shooters: unsupported platform failures, and in particular, what is referred to as a “limp wrist’” failure. This might have happened to you or someone you know, so you should know how to avoid it. Failures occur when you don’t drive…

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  • Gun Reload Training Tips

    Gun Reload Training Tips

    When practicing your reload, doesn’t it make more sense for real-world application if you don’t know when the bullets are going to run out? Rob Pincus demonstrates a training exercise you can use to keep your reflexes sharp.

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