• Introduction to Fit-Shot Concept

    Rob Pincus discusses a training implementation called FitShot, which combines the exhausting workouts of functional fitness with shooting practice.

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  • Is Reality Based Training Worth the Expense?

    Ken Murray answers this question from both monetary and philosophical perspectives. He notes that there are different levels of reality-based training and only the most elaborate are costly. In addition, the value of not getting involved in a shooting situation because of what you have experienced through reality-based training is harder to quantify, though “priceless”…

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  • Gander Mountain Academy Overview

    Gander Mountain Academy provides advanced, professional firearms training with a unique combination of highly trained instructors, live range and exclusive, state-of-the-art simulation technology.

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  • PDN Training Tour Update #14

    Rob Pincus gives you a complete tour, inside and out, of the 2013 Personal Defense Network Training Tour truck and talks about the importance of thinking about how you wear or stage your defensive firearms while you are inside of your vehicle. Learning to defend yourself from inside a vehicle is an important part of personal defense, especially if you spend any significant amount of time driving.

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  • PDN Training Tour Update #13

    Rob Pincus checks in from the Shooting Industry Masters event in Cody, Wyoming, and talks a little about the real value of shooting competitions. This tour stop actually wasn’t about training, but was more about supporting the shooting industry as a whole,

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  • PDN Training Tour Update #12

    Rob Pincus checks in from Utah as the tour enters its final leg and (finally) gets some rounds through his Springfield XD-S 9mm at the Salvo indoor range. We also hear from Alessandro Padovani of Safer Faster Defense and a couple of students about training in Extreme Close Quarters.

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  • Finding a Range for Realistic Practice

    Finding a range that allows realistic practice opportunities isn’t always easy. Rob Pincus discusses finding a quality range with the owner of Ancient City Shooting Range, Chuck Usina. Most ranges have very restrictive fundamental rules in regard to what type of shooting can be done. Look for ranges that already host defensive training or dynamic…

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  • PDN Training Tour Update #11

    Rob Pincus joins PDN Contributor John Brown in Montrose, Colorado, to join the Crossfit Agoge team for a Deep Water Training Session. Pushing yourself in training and finding your limits are an important part of skill development.

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  • Front Loading Your Practice Session

    What does Rob Pincus mean by this? Very close to the time you learn a new skill, you should practice it as much as possible in order to fully ingrain that skill. However often you practice, whether it’s once a day, once a week or once a month

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