• The Flow Drill Firearm Assessment

    Part 2 | The Flow Drill Firearm Assessment

    In the Combat Focus Shooting Advanced Pistol Handling Course, the Flow Drill is used as a firearm assessment tool to see how students put together the skills they have learned in isolation. Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy presents this drill, which requires students to move back and forth among unorthodox shooting positions while still…

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  • Handgun Shooting Tips for Lefties Shooting from a Vehicle

    Handgun Shooting Tips for Lefties Shooting from a Vehicle

    Rob Pincus is joined by left handed Defensive Firearms Coach Stan Lee to cover how a left handed shooter draws a gun from their hip and engages a threat that is on the driver’s side of a car.

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  • Multiple Ports Shooting Drill

    Part 4. Multiple Ports Shooting Drill

    This drill forces the shooter to get into awkward shooting positions. Openings of various shapes and sizes are cut into a target backer. Rob Pincus discusses the best way to prepare this target backer to maximize the value of this shooting drill. Since we can’t predict where cover, obstacles or bystanders will be during a…

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  • Shooting Positions While Using a Vehicle as Cover

    Shooting Positions While Using a Vehicle as Cover

    Rob Pincus looks at various ways vehicles can be used as cover when carrying a long gun, as well as different ways to get into position to shoot around vehicles. Topics in this extended video include how close to stay to the vehicle; employing specific vehicle parts to get into shooting positions; strong-side vs weak-side…

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  • Firing Port Exercise: Pistol Shooting Positions

    Firing Port Exercise: Pistol Shooting Positions

    Time for a skill development drill. A barricade with firing ports of varied sizes and shapes gives us an opportunity to experiment with the different pistol shooting positions we may be in when defending ourselves from behind various obstacles. The value of the exercise is in understanding how we must adjust our body position —…

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  • LaserLyte Plinking Cans

    LaserLyte Plinking Cans

    These reactive targets from LaserLyte can make your training more fun and engaging. When the LaserLyte Plinking Cans are struck by the beam from any training laser, they fall over to let you know that they have been hit. The LaserLyte Plinking Cans are perfect for training drills, competitions, or just having some shooting fun…

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  • Shooting Through Automotive Glass

    Shooting Through Automotive Glass

    Vehicles are one of the most common items in the modern world and most of us spend a significant amount of time inside one.

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