Show Us Your Everyday Carry

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18 Responses to “Show Us Your Everyday Carry”
  1. Cary

    My Taurus G3c, extra mag, pepper spray, KaBar knife and ankle med kit with RATS TQ, Israeli bandage, chest seal. The words on the holster are from Psalm 121: the Lord is your shield at your right hand” (Hebrew)

  2. Frank Veasey

    Hog Dat Fitz!!

    What’s up wit dat?

    What’s Up Wit Dat?

    Some Real Property Investors have said to me that ambitious types have tried to steal their real property investment secrets… not their real property…

    What’s Up Wit Dat?

    Maybe their well-heeled and aren’t interested in things they may already have and only want to know the secret inside workings of how things work.

    What’s Up Wit Dat?

    In closing, as I have always said,

    What IS Up Wit DAT?

    Frank Veasey

    Currently barred from possessing a firearm by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania … for Governor’s Reasons

    What’ Up Wit Dat!

  3. Rob Mueller

    I Like my left handed Crossbreed IWB super tuck because it allows for many clothing options including my work uniform. I’m a mechanic in a power equipment shop that requires I stow my sidearm in my toolbox during work. The Supertuck comes off easily when I want it to and is rock solid when I need it to be. The Snag Mag allows me to carry an extra mag no matter what clothes I’m wearing and is very deploy-able for a fat boy like myself. The CRKT M16 was the first knife I found that I could operate left handed effectively and efficiently.

  4. dsloucks

    I carry a SIG p938 with 8 +p 115 gr hollow points in a black sneaky Pete holster, 5 years now. No pics available.

  5. Robert Wenzell

    Smith and Wesson Model 15 2″ heavy barrel in an El Paso Saddlery Yaqui Belt Slide.I use 158 grain Lead Semi Wadcutter Hollow Points in 38+P made by Remington.

  6. Jim Hovater

    No provision to post pic.

    EDC: Stainless Kimber Pro Carry in 9mm.
    MODs: Ergo FDE grips, neon green FO front sight, OEM rear sight notch milled to 0.156″, short Wilson Combat trigger adjusted to 4.5#.
    AMMO: Norma MHPs in 10-rd MecGar mags.
    HOLSTER: Safariland
    ETC: S&W tac light, lighter and Kershaw folder

  7. Richard Ormandy

    Two Springfield XDs .45’s, two spare mags, and two Hinderer knives. Two is one, one is none.

  8. Craig Turi

    Normal EDC is a Kimber EVO SP 9mm. Extra mag carried in a “Snagmag” Ammo: Black Hills 125 Gr. “HoneyBadger” Holster: Muddy River Tactical OWB Kydex.
    Alternate EDC is a H&K VP9 SK. Same ammo etc.

  9. Richard Lightner

    I have a Glock 17 as well. But for concealed purposes, my M&P Shield EZ 9mm is perfect.

  10. christoffj

    Cz P-07 with Aplc
    Selfmade holster, belt and 3-1 magazine, Wave and Nitecore Mt10c flash light
    Parker Sonnet ballpen
    Honeybadger Small Claw
    Modified Opinel no 6