Video shows the moment a father pulls a gun on peeping Tom

It’s the middle of the night and you get notified that there is someone looking into your home through the windows. How do you respond? What do you do? Here is an example of how one man chose to take care of the intruder on his property: The main questions that we’d like to discuss…

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“Protecting Your Homestead”… New Best Selling Book from the host of PDN’s Training Talk !

Members and Frequent visitors of Personal Defense Network (PDN) know the value that longtime Contributor, Grant Cunningham, brings with his work in front of PDN cameras in video clips and as host of the popular semi-monthly internet broadcast of PDN’s Training Talk Live! Grant has provided PDN viewers and subscribers with insightful commentary and demonstrations…

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It appears AR Pistols are once again “legal” to shoulder. There had been some strong rumors circulating for the past week or so that the BATFE was going to announce that they were clarifying their position and reversing the impression that had been left in the community that by simply pushing an AR Pistol against your torso and putting your check on the buffer tube you were committing a felony by de facto “constructing” an illegal Short Barreled Rifle.

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Holiday Home Invasion: Prevention & Response

Unfortunately, every year at this time, innocent victims will be taken advantage of. If you don’t want to become victim of a crime during the holidays, then you need to have a plan in place… Even for a Holiday Home Invasion.
Here are some basic tips to provide you with a starting point.

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Image of a woman holding her weapon

Defensive Detour: Coping With Limited Mobility

Life throws us the occasional curveball. Circumstances beyond our control can compel us to change the way we do things, and these changes can manifest themselves in any aspect of our day-to-day activities, including our self-defense strategies.My family and I recently encountered one of these curveballs. Although it was a relatively minor and temporary situation,…

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group of students being instructed on defensive firearm techniques

Help Wanted

If you’re reading this, you likely see the wisdom in thinking about your safety and that of your home and family. And if this is not your first visit to the Personal Defense Network site, you put some value in learning about and preparing for personal and home defense. Preparation means training and, as a…

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Image of a crop field for hiding space

Safety in Rural Environments

I’ve talked to numerous friends, coworkers, students, family, and others about their perception of security in rural environments. The majority assume that living outside of heavily urban or suburban areas decreases the likelihood of their encountering a situation in which they would have to defend themselves or their loved ones from a lethal threat. I…

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Image of a surprise attack taking place

Deter. Detect. Defend.

Deter. Detect. Defend. is a phrase used for many things, including identity theft awareness and various military units. I picked it up while serving in 3rd FAST Company, and it has served me well ever since. I believe that when this approach is applied to the concealed carry holder, it will greatly increase their awareness…

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