Family Self Defense

Personal Defense Network offers articles to help you plan for a family self defense situation. Learn how to incorporate military combat concepts to protect your family, teach your children about guns and how to protect themselves.

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Give Your Kids the Option of Armed Defense as Adults

Exposing children to guns isn’t about pushing an agenda or creating a potential for disaster. Responsibly and safely introducing kids to shooting can empower them to be able to rationally consider the option for armed defense as adults without the baggage of the fear of the unknown that some many adults currently have. Quite often,…

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Family Defensive Strategies: For the Armed Individual

This article addresses tactics and techniques that will serve the armed person during a situation where they may have to use their gun while with friends or family members. I write this in the wake of numerous active-shooter incidents, including the Colorado movie theater shooting that killed 12 and injured 58, and the Sandy Hook…

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