PDN LIVE! March 2016

Thanks for tuning in to March’s PDN LIVE with Rob Pincus where he answered your questions about developing defensive shooting skills along with Robert Leatham, professional shooter and 24-time USPSA National champion. In case you missed it, you can watch the full video here. Make sure to tune in next month for another PDN LIVE. See you then!

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50 Responses to “PDN LIVE! March 2016”

  1. Billy Graves

    Do they make Viridian Green Laser Grips for the S&W Model 686+

  2. sam turneabe

    first time visitor

  3. Edward A Sanchez

    Weren't the Robs going to "hang out" after to answer questions? Where?

  4. mgkoenig

    Thank you all for your time!!!

  5. Kathy Hakala

    What gun did you say you carry?

  6. dar

    Great discussion---thanks!

  7. Jeffrey Abraham

    The figure 8 drill is the most humbling drill around

  8. Jim Evans

    Rob P. Comment on dry fire practicing from various and unusual possitions.

  9. Larry

    My normal carry was a 38 special S&W Bodyguard. Unfortunately, it is still too big for concealment to carry in a holster with a tucked in shirt and slacks in Phoenix. When I do carry my 38 Bodyguard, I carry it in one of my front pant pockets but it then becomes impossible to draw while sitting. Therefore, I can only carry my 38 Bodyguard 5% of the time. Recently however, I started to carry a 22 WMR folding derringer that easily deployed while sitting in a chair or car and looks like a clip-on folding knife. This firearm is with me over 95% of the time. Do you guys have ant techniques and/or drills to become more proficient with this style of firearm?

  10. paul

    How do the Robs feel about the addition of mini red dot sights on a personal defense pistol