Man shoots himself in an elevator

A Kentucky Officer’s weapon “went off” as he tried to put it away. The bullet bounced off the elevator wall and hit the officer in the stomach.

We hate it when they say that. It implies that guns somehow ” go off”….which they simply do not. Human error plays a part, and certainly was a part of the puzzle here. this man obviously was making several major mistakes at once, all that led up to the outcome of shooting himself and obviously putting the lives of his loved one in danger.

He had his hands full, he had no need to adjust the gun, and he should have been looking at what he was doing.

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3 Responses to “Man shoots himself in an elevator”

  1. Richard Cate

    Familiarity with weaponry is no excuse for less than full respect when handling guns! They are as dangerous as they are essential to personal safety, and careful placement of position is paramount. I can't believe that poor guy had his finger on the trigger as he fumbled through his coat. Better luck next time Mr. Policeman, and try to be less casual about having to draw your weapon.

  2. Vic Newman

    Let me count the lessons... 1st this is a prime example of the absolute wrong mental attitude most American's have with respect to carrying concealed firearms. They allow their job title or "perceived" familiarity with their weapon influence their careless handling of it. 2nd you NEVER use your occupied gun hand to adjust your clothing in an attempt to put the firearm away, hello... it's basic CCW 101. 3rd the only way the weapon discharged is because he had his finger on the trigger and was applying ample pressure to engage the striker. This is not basic CCW training, it's basic weapons safety training. I'll forgo the obvious omissions to have his significant other take control of the box he held in his left hand (since she only had her purse occupying her one hand and had a hand free). You can't justify this negligent behavior. Your mental attitude will influence you behaviors. I'd encourage the individual to get his mind straight and his habits will follow. I'm glad he is recovering.

  3. gujansky

    It looks like he was getting ready for something. The anticipation of some bad S*** could lie behind the door made him pull the gun and remove the safe.