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Defensive Fitness

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Man shoots himself in an elevator

A Kentucky Officer’s weapon “went off” as he tried to put it away. The bullet bounced off the elevator wall and hit the officer in the stomach. We hate it when they say that. It implies that guns somehow ” go off”….which they simply do not. Human error plays… Read More

Running for Defensive Shooters

The running shoe and the handgun: two things every defense-minded person should put to use on a regular basis.When people realize that they need to take responsibility for the safety and security of themselves and their families, they usually begin to look for tools and… Read More

Getting (Back) Into Shape!

General Physical Preparedness The necessity for having a base level of fitness or general physical preparedness should be common sense for any armed citizen. Possessing the ability to run away from danger is often a better plan than engaging and then, if you survive, dealing with the legal and… Read More