One Incident exemplifies many aspects of Active Shooter Response

This one story of a Shooting Event that occurred this month in Arizona at a Circle K convenience store has examples of everything we teach in regard to Active Shooter Response:
–Several People fled (Evade/Run).
–At Least One Person locked herself in a closet. (Barricade/Hide).
–Several People Tackled the killer. (Respond if Necessary/Fight).

The direct response to the killer included all three elements of Clear, Control and Counter in regard to dealing with an armed attacker:

Vasquez said his boss argued with the shooter and grabbed his arm to point the gun away from bystanders. Then, a half-dozen people tackled the shooter and pummeled him, apparently knocking him unconscious…

In addition to that very efficient and effective Fight Response, others took different actions to protect themselves from harm:

Fortune said Circle K gave police immediate access to live feeds of the building’s surveillance cameras, which showed two people — one on the ground — in the main part of the store and a woman locked in a closet.

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Preparation and willingness to ACT is the key to surviving an Active Shooter Event. Understanding how to apply the three simply steps of a run, hide, fight approach is the key. There are many examples of these tactics saving lives.

To learn more about Active Shooter Response, check out the book Surviving an Active Killer Event by PDN Contributor Aaron Jannetti, take the online Active Shooter Response course or simply use the search window here at Personal Defense Network!


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One Response to “One Incident exemplifies many aspects of Active Shooter Response”

  1. Meredith Kirk

    Willingness to respond is key in active shooter scenarios. Even more so than that is obtaining proper training to know HOW to respond in a manner that is most effective. Knowing how to properly get control of the weapon or barricade a room could save many lives. Thanks for sharing, also check out our weekly the science of self-defense. We recently shared a video on dealing with an active shooter which you might find interesting.