Active Shooter Response

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Active Shooter Response
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7 Lessons
3  hrs

Recent history has taught us tragic lessons about what to do, and what not to do, in the terror and chaos of an active shooter event. It was once believed that hiding and waiting for police to arrive was the best plan to avoid harm. That thinking has changed and a new approach has emerged.

This class, Active Shooter Response, provides a comprehensive, pro-active approach for those who find themselves in the midst of an active shooter crisis. This online class seeks to inform, enable and empower you with the knowledge and tactics you can apply to protect yourself and others, using any means available, to increase your odds of survival.

Your instructor is PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus, along with contributions from Kelly Muir, Founder of “Be the Wrong Woman”, Caleb Causey, owner and Director of Training for Lone Star Medics, and others. Rob applies his experience in law enforcement and personal defense instruction, along with insights gained through research and observation of the events that unfolded in the world’s most infamous spree killing events, to assemble this information-packed class presentation.

Useful for viewers of all experience levels and abilities, Rob provides armed and unarmed concepts and techniques anyone can apply, using a combination of presentations and demonstrations to inform and instruct students on the actions they can take in any active shooter setting.

By planning ahead for the possibility of a spree killing, students learn to overcome the shock of a violent encounter faster and to safely react as the situation dictates. You will explore the concepts of evasion and barricade in order to avoid contact with the threat.

Plus, you will learn defensive strategies, tactics, and training concepts to prepare yourself to react with force to stop a spree killer by any means possible.

More Than a Video Presentation

In addition to the information and demonstrations provided by the video presentation, this class includes, “Guide To Active Shooter Response Planning”, a printable download authored by PDN Contributor Aaron Janneti, as well as an “Improvised Defensive Tools” worksheet and an “Active Shooter Response Plan” reference sign, prepared by Rob Pincus.

These information-packed downloads are accessible along with your videos when you purchase this class, to further support your ongoing Active Shooter Response training.

Bonus materials available after purchase

Active Shooter Response Purchase this class for $39.99.