Rob Pincus

Choosing a Defensive Handgun

Rob Pincus
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Choosing a Defensive Handgun
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Rob goes through the process of selecting a gun and the criteria you should be using. There are many different types of guns, like there are many different types of cars. Some vehicles are better for the city, some for the country. A family probably needs a different kind of car than a typical college student. This session will help you understand the differences between guns for hunting, target shooting, competition, defensive shooting and other activities.

There are many types of guns that are advertised as defensive guns. In some situations, they may all be viable, but they cannot all be optimum. Over the past 100 years, there have been huge advances in manufacturing, engineering and our understanding of how actual defensive shooting situations happen. This session reviews the major types of Defensive Handguns and helps you understand why some are (much) better choices than others.

Once you have determined the type of defensive handgun you will be using, you still need to determine the best specific model. This session will increase your ability to make the right choice in terms of the size of the gun, the ammunition capacity it will have and how you will expect to carry or stage the gun for defensive use. This session draws on objective empirical evidence from actual defensive shootings and the experiences of thousands who carry defensive guns daily to help you understand the most important factors in your decision

3 Lessons
50  mins

“Which gun should I choose?” It’s a common question at just about any gun counter, range, or training class. The answer involves more consideration than simply which gun feels good in the hand.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a defensive handgun for the first time or are replacing the one you have, choosing “the right” defensive handgun deserves serious consideration.

That’s why this Class was created: To provide a thorough examination of how various handgun types operate, and to demonstrate how the mechanisms and physical characteristics of each type enhance or impede your ability to use the firearm efficiently and effectively in the process of stopping a threat.

Your instructor is PDN Executive Director, Rob Pincus. Backed by his decades-long experience with thousands of students on the range, using all types of firearm makes, models, and calibers, as well as his own experience training with various gun types, Rob applies three key criteria to the process of selecting a defensive handgun.

Those criteria involve reliability, efficiency, and relative complexity. With these criteria in mind, Rob goes into great detail to demonstrate each of the major firearm types, including revolver and semi-automatic handguns, as well as a variety of makes, models, and calibers.

A thorough understanding of the differences in the design and physical characteristics of different handguns, and how those characteristics affect your ability to use your gun in a defensive situation, is key to choosing the right gun for your personal defense.

This Class will help you zero-in on the type of handgun that is best aligned with your defensive use and circumstances. After completing the class, you’ll be prepared to hit the range and see which ones “fit” you best, saving you time and money in the process.

In addition to the video presentation, this class includes a printable download, summarizing the various handgun types discussed as well as rankings of each model according to the criteria presented in the class.

Rob Pincus

As Executive Director of Personal Defense Network (PDN), Rob Pincus is the embodiment of PDN’s commitment to providing affordable, accessible, practical personal defense information and effective training for the masses. Rob has produced over 100 Training DVDs, published 9 books and written countless articles on topics related to all aspects of personal defense. His I.C.E. Training Company has developed many training programs and certified hundreds of instructors to help others be prepared to defend themselves and those they care about. Rob currently serves as a Reserve Deputy with the San Juan County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office.

Rob Pincus

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