PDN LIVE! August 2016

Mike Gillette joined Rob Pincus last night to talk about Fighting Mindset issues. Mike has a diverse background that include Military, Executive Protection and Law Enforcement experience, and has built a career helping others reach their potential. He has taught across all aspects of tactical and personal defense and is one of the most respected strength coaches in the country. His latest endeavors have included coaching world class athletes and helping people to develop their mental toughness. His latest book, Mind Boss, was written to help anyone interested in honing the power of their mind to enhance performance in any area. He and Rob answered a variety of questions related to the choice to prepare for personal defense, committing to train & practice and having the will to fight when you need it.

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37 Responses to “PDN LIVE! August 2016”

  1. Ken Anderson

    Kodos on control the controls, be the best you can be! Like auto firearms comparison. Recently had fender bender with mailbox backing out friends driveway. I wasn't focused aware of surroundings.

  2. Frank OBannon

    Thank you for the great discussion!

  3. David

    Any opinions about gun vs knife for self defense? Both is nice, but in my opinion I believe I would rather have a good knife. Also depends greatly on the situation.

  4. Bob Hanley

    Great show

  5. Spencer

    Thanks, folks! Great discussion.

  6. David

    Excellent discussion. Mostly common sense, but areas most people don't normally think about. Thanks.

  7. John

    What would you say to someone who has license to carry, DOES carry as part of his work, but admits that he has NEVER FIRED HIS WEAPON....not at any range, not even the woods in his back yard....

  8. Jose Salinas

    Back up gun, any advice?

  9. Fred Booker

    aside from avoiding conflict, how do you protect yourself legally and financially in case you are involved in a firearms conflict?

  10. firearm

    We are creatures of habit. Developing proper habits are crucial in responding to a self defense situation. Besides safety, what are some habits that should be developed for self defense?