PDN LIVE! December 2016

Rob Pincus took on a variety of self-defense questions during the final PDN Live event of the year. Rob spoke about the .380 ACP as a defensive caliber, improvised defensive tools when traveling, opportunities to continue learning and training throughout the winter, and making plans for 2017. This personal defense information and insight packed hour is a must watch!


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29 Responses to “PDN LIVE! December 2016”

  1. Jeff Morgan

    I would love to get free videos to train my people here in Florida

  2. jiminma

    I enjoy your on line programs very much and always seem to learn something new. Please keep Grant C. on there as well. I an not a fan of facebook as I feel that labels us all to often with all the liberals use that against us.

  3. Charles

    Rob, do you have any suggestions on firearms, holsters and training for physically challenged folks who may use a wheelchair and or walker? tnx for the great job cd

  4. Neil

    Do you provide information and recommend CAR system defense?

  5. Mike Collins

    1st time visiting

  6. Joshua Thompson

    Again, thanks.

  7. dagnew8

    Thanks Guys! Have a Merry Christmas! Good discussion. Shannon, get that poster made.

  8. Phil Oldham

    Do you ever come to Utah?

  9. Aaron

    Hey rob....so I've had a few beers. My wife and I stop at a store to get cigarettes on the way home from wherever we are. Someone accosts her and it gets dirty when she goes I. The store after our stuff. What do I do?

  10. Jim Wilcox

    Thank you for this broadcast format. I'm not on Facebook so this is my only current option for live instruction.