PDN LIVE! January 2017

Rob Pincus was joined by PDN Contributor Barret Kendrick and the host of “We Like Shooting”, Shawn Herrin. All three attended the 2017 SHOT Show, an industry only event in Las Vegas that highlights the newest products and trends in the firearms community. They share their SHOT Show experiences and talk about some of the best new gear and guns related to those interested in Personal Defense.


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24 Responses to “PDN LIVE! January 2017”

  1. Michelle R King

    Rob, 5 XDS spring field (9mm or .45) If I spelled that right... How much is one? Is it better than the NF guns? Smooth spot on shooting.

  2. Craig McClure

    FYI...Move the live feed to one who is talking. I enjoy the info, thanks.

  3. Dave

    Rob...How long was you with winchester va pd..

  4. Mark Zanghetti

    Thanks Guys!

  5. Maggie

    A famous person I got to see was BabyPincus :)

  6. Marcel

    I own a 150# full size and a 65# pistol type crossbow. Can I legally use them for home defense?

  7. Kenn Borden

    I've been getting your email and I have another project going so I'll catch up like in March. Thanks for keeping me informed..

  8. Maggie

    Do you think SHOT Show provided you a good platform to launch your new firearm the Avidity Arms PD-10? The IFAC from Safer Faster Defense is awesome and fits great on even a womans small ankle. What other gear should we keep an eye out for?

  9. Larry B

    Were you surprised no new releases from Glock? Specifically that elusive Gen5? They seem to be still focused on the MOS. Thoughts on it?

  10. Don Backstrom

    Just joined your live feed. Always good to work with you, Rob! All the best from your [BRPC] CRSO for this event. It's always great to work with a true Pro, you make our Range Safety Job so much easier - Don