PDN LIVE! Improvised & Low Profile Self-Defense Tools

Chris Fry of MDTS Training joined Rob Pincus this month as a guest on PDN LIVE to talk about Low-profile and Improvised Defensive Tools. Chris has established himself in the training community as expert in this area after years of personal experimentation and training for defense in environments where carrying traditional defensive tools is either forbidden or socially difficult. Because of extensive worldwide travel and other factors, PDN’s Executive Director, Rob Pincus has also spends a great deal of time carrying smaller, well concealed defensive tools or unarmed.

Rob and Chris responded to questions from the PDN Audience and explained why they take this area of thought and training so seriously. They discussed workplace and legal issues that prevent people from being armed with traditional tools and the many options for everyday innocuous items that can be carried almost anywhere and still be used as defensive tools.

Both teachers also offered thoughts in improving tools from typical work, social and travel environments and even inside your own, when you are attacked and unable to get to one of your typical items of defense.

During the hour long discussion, there were several great tips for both gear and trainings ideas shared.

PDN LIVE events are conducted monthly and are promoted in advance through social media so that you have a chance to submit a question for our experts to answer!

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2 Responses to “PDN LIVE! Improvised & Low Profile Self-Defense Tools”

  1. Jerry

    Good video, with great information on improvised weapons, and a greater situational awareness including identifying those improvised tools as part of your setting scan. Thank you for the Vid!

  2. David

    Glad to be a part of this training