PDN LIVE! September 2017

Rob Pincus, executive director at PDN, hosted another round of Ask Rob Anything on PDN LIVE. He answered a variety of personal defense and firearm questions submitted by members of the PDN community.

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24 Responses to “PDN LIVE! September 2017”

  1. Dion Freeman

    You are not a proponent of using the 1911 in your classes, and i2 understand the reasoning. But has anyone ever shown up with a G.I.model 1911 with the looser tolerances? How would they fare in your training classes?

  2. donremington

    What do you recommend for appendix carry, revolver, semi-auto, and who makes good holsters? Thanks.

  3. Scott

    What's your feeling about RMR's on CCW pistols?

  4. Johnnie

    What's the best 9mm 115 grain or 124 grain

  5. Aubrey J Young

    Enjoying the exchange of questions and your answers. Informative. You and the lady, be well. :)

  6. Linda

    How do you feel about the SCCY? With or without the safety? Did you answer the question about having a CCW and having a friend who is a felon?

  7. Joel F

    Many caliber options & recommendations abound for personal carry , probably induced by manufacturers and retailers. Do you have a suggestion for 1, most effective and controllable for " recoil sensitive" people, and 2, for those who can handle recoil, and desire accuracy in a self defense weapon? There are a lot of advertised "best choices", but has anyone done a comprehensive evaluation, outside the "manufacturer" realm?

  8. Clifford

    Greetings! If you can ever give more notice, I will have a better chance of watching. I missed the first half and consider myself very lucky to be able to watch the second half. It is always more fun to watch the presentation live. Thanks ever so much and good evening from Clifford

  9. Jerry

    I just purchased a Taurus Judge 45colt/410 in 2.5 inch chamber with a 3" barrel. I just liked the concept, but how practical is this for a home defense weapon? Too much penetration??

  10. derek

    looking into the .380 taurus spectrum, its not out yet, any feed back