Weapons lights on your carry gun - Is it still up for debate?

A recent article on Shooting Illustrated’s website focuses on the need for weapons mounted lights on the gun the you carry outside of the home. The author, Tamara Keel, goes in depth into her opinions on the advantages of choosing to do so. Her main focus is on the fact that holsters today are made to accommodate lights. This along with many of the potential circumstances that having a light mounted to your pistol addresses is compared to a traditional every day carry flashlight. READ THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE HERE

Weapons mounted light on a carry pistol

Rob Pincus has covered many of the “caveats” that Keel mentions before, here are some videos that are in the PDN library that you can access for free anytime to get even more information, tactics, and techniques to consider when carrying a weapons mounted light:



Want to go even deeper? Check out this DVD available at PDN that is titled “DVD: LASERS, LIGHTS & NIGHTSIGHTS: A must-have DVD for gun owners wading through the many options available to them when it comes to illumination and sighting devices for defensive applications” CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE DVD

What do you think? Do you carry a light on your carry gun,….and WHY? Leave us a comment here or join the discussion over on our Facebook page today!

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