Fundamentals of Defensive Striking DVD


Item: K5131R


DVD: Fundamentals of Defensive Striking

Kelly Muir teaches you the most important aspects of efficient defensive striking. Focusing primarily on knees and elbows, Kelly covers the fundamental concepts and mechanics, and then introduces the best ways to develop power and use your body’s natural tools to significantly affect your attacker’s ability to hurt you. 65 minutes.


  • Target Areas
  • Stance & Power Source for Striking
  • Scenario 1: Throat Grab
  • Scenario 2: Head Lock
  • Basic Elbow Strikes
  • Downward Elbow Strikes
  • Elbow Strikes After Being Shoved
  • Elbow Strikes Without Your Base
  • Defensive Striking With Your Knees
  • Striking from the Ground
  • Getting Up From the Ground
  • Training Your Defensive Strikes
  • Practicing Strikes with a Training Partner