Home Defense: Protecting Your Property 3-DVD Mandatory Training Set


Item: K5007Q


3-DVD Set: Home Defense: Protecting Your Property

Someone enters you home, and they want to hurt you and take your things. What do you do? Prepare yourself for the situation with this instructional video series taught by personal defense expert Rob Pincus. You’ll learn how to prepare for geological and social disaster, properly store and utilize your home defense firearm and keep the bad guys at bay by making your home safer with lighting, fencing and building maintenance. 212 minutes.

Disaster Preparation

In this video, Rob Pincus presents his best tips for preparing for a variety of potential disasters that could befall you, your family and your community. Weather, geological and social disasters are all covered. Topics such as medical, evacuation and of course, personal defense are addressed in this information packed video. Anyone who understands the potential effects of large scale disasters and wants to be as prepared as possible should own this video. 70 minutes.

Crime Prevention through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention through Environment Design (CPTED) is the process of utilizing opportunities with lighting, fencing, landscaping and even building and property maintenance to make your family, your home, your business and your community safer. Rob Pincus shares the fundamental concepts of CPTED and tips for implementing them around your property. Complete with specific suggestions, demonstrations and hypothetical examples, this information can help you increase your overall security. 74 minutes.

Firearm Storage and Access

See various options for storing your firearms properly and safely. Also see what choices are best when quick access is critical. 68 minutes.