Advantages of Virtual Training

Gander Mountain
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Duration:   4  mins

Rob Pincus and Gander Mountain Academy Director Billy Hieb are at GMA’s V Range, where they take a look at how this virtual range offers safer, more convenient and economical training and practice. Using modified Glock and Beretta handguns, shooters are in a virtual as opposed to a live-fire environment. One advantage of this is that they can push themselves more. Another is that because the guns are not shooting live ammo, shooters can get lots of reps without the expense of ammo. In fact, they don’t need to bring anything: no guns, no ammo. Just show up ready to practice!

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One Response to “Advantages of Virtual Training”

  1. James Carroll

    I cannot say enough positive things about the coaching that comes along with a V-Range session.  Chris, a range officer at the Onalaska Gander Mountain, is a great coach and instructor as well.  I think this is the real value of a V-range session.  You can pack a lot of learning, and maybe more importantly, un-learning of undesirable habits, during the range session.  You can then apply that learning on a live range, knowing that you are hard-wiring what you learned on the V-range with the instructor.

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