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Ameriglo Trooper Defensive Pistol Night Sights

Rob Pincus
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Choosing which sights to put on your personal defense pistol is one of the few aftermarket things that just about everybody who carries a gun does. If you opt for an iron-sight-only setup, this is even more important. Ameriglo is a great American-made sighting option.


Rob Pincus has worked with Ameriglo for many years. He presents the features of the Ameriglo Trooper Night Sights. He prefers the setup of the Trooper to that of the Ameriglo i-DOT Night Sights, which are a circle-over-circle type.

The Trooper has a serrated square-notch rear sight and the front sight is a green luminescent circle with night-sight tritium in the middle. This bright green front sight picks up your vision and your focus very quickly. As for the rear sight, in daylight or if any light is coming from behind you, it’s a flat black rear sight.


The three dots on the Ameriglo Trooper Night Sights help with alignment in night-time situations. Or if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a lot of contrast on the target and no light where you are (but you can ID the target), having those three dots for alignment, both windage and elevation, will help you get sight alignment and sight picture.


Both the Trooper and the i-DOT have a flat front, not any kind of slope. This is in the tradition of the Claw Rear Sight, and means these sights are available for one-handed emergency manipulations. It is a very aggressive flat front but not as dramatic as the concave surface of the Claw.

These are stout, incredibly well-built night sights. If you’re looking for defensive pistol sights to add to your self-defense tools, either as a complement to a red-dot sight or in place of a red dot, just traditional irons like the slides in this video are set up, look for Ameriglo. They offer great products at great prices.

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