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Ameriglo i-DOT Night Sights

Rob Pincus
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Ameriglo produces high-quality, American-made handgun night sights. Rob Pincus discusses Ameriglo’s newest sights, the i-DOT Night Sights. Rob has worked with Ameriglo in the past, helping the company develop the Rear Sight: Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight, so he’s familiar with their dedication to quality and reasonable pricing.


The Ameriglo i-DOT Night Sights handgun night sights are a circle-over-circle type sight picture. Rob is not a big fan of the circle over circle, but if you are, the i-DOT may be a good choice for you. At any rate, the features of the rear sight are more important than whether Rob likes the circle over circle or not.

The rear sight is much more subtle with that dot than the front sight, which is available in White, Orange, and LumiGreen Outlines. The rear sight is also relatively large, so it channels your eyes right into the notch. With defensive handgun night sights, we want that notch to be wide.

We also want the rear sights to be relatively well defined in terms of their size out to the left and right, so that we are focused into that channel and can pick up the front sight, either by focusing on the dot or by making sure we have equal amounts of light on the top and sides, and know that we have sight alignment and sight picture.

With that rear circle, what we end up with under the front sight circle is a circle. This gives us a way to get our windage alignment quickly and easily, probably more so than with three dots.


The Ameriglo i-DOT Night Sights have a flat front. In keeping with the tradition of the Claw Rear Sight, there is no slope, and in the tradition of the Claw, the i-DOT will be available for one-handed emergency manipulations. It is a very aggressive flat front.

These are stout and incredibly well-built sights. If you’re looking to add handgun night sights to your self-defense tools and accessories, whether to complement a red-dot sight or in place of it, look for Ameriglo, a great product at a great price.

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