Rear Sight: Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight

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Duration:   4:43   mins

Rob Pincus demonstrates the Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight, which is designed to make emergency one-handed manipulations easier if a malfunction occurs by making the “tap, rack” as efficient as possible. The Claw is a rear sight with a concave edge that hooks onto your holster, belt or any other edge you may use to slide along the top of your handgun’s slide. The Claw is put through its paces against a few different surfaces and also used to clear a double feed.

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6 Responses to “Rear Sight: Claw Emergency Manipulation Sight”

  1. kerryd

    I didn’t see responses to the first two questions, maybe marketing contacted them?? Anyway, I will assume I should call Customer service to have my questions answered. The Claw sounds like a winner. I know Rob has fiduciary stake in the product but can check around for feedback on it.Thanks again.

  2. Damber

    Jim Baker / I like the idea of more pricing opntois for firearms. i would like to see additional columns (like inventory items) where i could enter actual cost; min.sell price and msrp. the % option could work if it were adaptable to add % up from cost as well as %off from msrp. for me, having a min sell price allows me to see what i call store cost (actual cost plus, say 10%) the problem is in using this system now, i no longer have actual cost for tax purposes. msrp is good to know the max listed price, which i use as a sell tool (the list is $$$’s, but i’ll sell it to you for $$’s). i’m not a big fan of quickly doing math in my head at time of sale thats where i usually cheat myself. also, i would like to see column totals if that were possible. if i could at anytime see my actual cost, sell price and msrp totals, this would allow some financial planning, or possibly adjustments to my insurance coverage as inventories rise and fall.

    • Tamara

      Well said James!And YES all life is sacred! But if one peosrn, through their own choosing, decides to prey on another to the point of causing death or serious physical harm, than they have gambled with their life and their life is subject to forfeiture.Nothing in my posts or Richard’s posts is meant to justify the killing of non-violent criminals, or the execution of a criminal that has been shot, wounded, and is NO LONGER a threat.Some wise peosrn said every nation gets the justice it demands and the criminals it deserves .Forget to hold the violent criminal in contempt, and be prepared to meet his threat with superior violence, then accept the fact that you are sheep and subject to the criminal’s wishes.I choose to stand in the criminal’s way, and if he chooses violence, to meet him with superior violence! The choice of violence and death rest solely upon the intent and actions of the criminal.

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