Kelly Muir

Defensive Knee Strikes

Kelly Muir
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Duration:   7  mins

Kelly Muir stresses the importance of simplicity in unarmed self-defense training. In this video she demonstrates possible moves if you are unable to use your hands and arms. Knee strikes can be devastating if utilized well, and the movements are not complicated. Kelly and training partner Randy show grabs and holds and how to break them with knee strikes.

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2 Responses to “Defensive Knee Strikes”

  1. Bill Higgins

    Excellent awareness lesson. It takes only 3 lbs of pressure per square inch to dislodge the knee cap front striking to the side. Because of that, I would have never thought of using my knee to strike a knee, in what you showed was a perfect attack position. Is this a secret knockout punch? Of course not. But even "on the street," you dislodge somebody's knees, gravity can't be denied. And I wouldn't have thought of it without your excellent teaching. Much appreciated.

  2. Kevin

    Always amazes me how utterly week these techniques are . This simply has no chance in the street with a person angered and intent on your destruction. Try it , put it under stress and you will get choked out. Do you wear shoes . Of course, then they should be used as a weapon.

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