Defensive Shooting Standards Drill: Stage 2

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Duration:   2  mins

Once you have become comfortable with the first stage of the Defensive Shooting Standards Drill, this evolution lets you include sighted fire on smaller targets. Rob Pincus explains the shooting standards drill and demonstrates how it is run. Of course, defensive training drills are much more about finding your failure points and determining what you need to practice than they are about measuring performance, so be sure to use this drill sparingly, between your balance of speed & precision practice drills.

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2 Responses to “Defensive Shooting Standards Drill: Stage 2”

  1. Brenda Shimek

    Enjoy and appreciate your training videos. Incorporate them in various ways. If you find yourself in Texas near Houston area – stop by visit with us. If you give me advance notice, I’ll be pimping you & selling tickets if you do a little demonstration of anything in your many areas of expertise.
    Gotta Luv It,
    Brenda Shimek
    High Noon Indoor Gun Range
    5911 FM 2100
    Crosby, TX 77532
    281 328-2800

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