Rob Pincus

Defensive Shooting Standards Drill

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   14  mins

Many in the shooting world stress shooting “Standards Drills” in order to rate their abilities. Anytime you choreograph the exact course of fire, you remove a huge element of your practical training. The need to process information and adjust your response specifically to each scenario is vital to surviving a lethal fight. When you run a drill that is exactly the same every time, you inevitably cater your technique to that drill, and not to the ultimate skill set you are trying to develop. Rob Pincus has developed a “Defensive Shooting Standards” Drill that you can run with a training partner to help you develop appropriate skills in the context of defensive shooting.

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16 Responses to “Defensive Shooting Standards Drill”

  1. Jack blankenship

    I will incorporate each of these skills and outcomes into my indoor SIRT training drills. They will meld nicely into a safer environment & outcome to my training.

  2. Erik

    I found your video very helpful and enjoyed it. I am always looking for more interesting ways to train with my firearm. I look forward to becoming a premium member

  3. Owen

    These training videos offer insight into real life situations; thank you very much!! I find the information very useful; please keep them coming!!

  4. Jim

    Why would you carry a firearm and not have it full, or at least know how many rounds you had in the magazine?

  5. Hubert

    Good video & info. .. Well done too..

  6. Ron

    Hello I am somewhat new to defensive shooting, l appreciate all your training tips and technics, Ron

  7. Robert Smith

    In addition, as you go through the startled pose, should you also suggest any "verbal" responses that need to be said, before the actual shooting begins?

  8. J Coyne

    Thanks Rob, Nice training exercise. As an instructor I enjoy your video's because they help me get out of the training rut. I do not use a timer during any training session and have found that the students get too involved with the times instead of the hits. I have modified your exercise by using targets that either have weapons or no weapon. So students do not look for "numbers" and I have a "attacking" target (full size manikin) that comes forward. Students respond to biggest threat first. Sometimes the moving target is carrying a weapon and sometimes he is just another victim. Sometimes I load their magazine with dummy rounds for FTF effects. Thanks for the good ideas on how to spice up our training.

  9. Irvin Allen Flowers

    Confusi enguage situation

  10. John Cole

    Granted most of us do not have access to this type of land/range to practice as in the video. However, I use dry fire training with snap-caps in my home. I have my wife go into a room and place sticky notes in three or four places with the # of shots I am to take per target. Since I'm using snap caps and my EDC is a double action she tells me how many 'shots' I have before I need to change mags. Good training at no cost!

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