Barret Kendrick

Don’t Touch the Bad Guy's Gun

Barret Kendrick
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Duration:   5  mins

Rob Pincus and Barret Kendrick are on the range demonstrating one of the important, but simple, self-defense concepts: Don’t touch the bad guy’s gun unless you have no other option.


What’s an example of when you might have to touch the bad guy’s gun? If you are out in public unarmed and come upon an active shooter, the best thing you can do might be to rush the guy and try to control the gun. Hit the magazine release. Or just smother the guy, and hopefully other people will help you.

Another scenario: If the shooter is not aware of you, you can stay out of sight and watch until the time is right. When is that? If he has a malfunction or goes to reload his gun or switch guns, it’s time to scream, “Get him!” and rush him. A malfunction or a reload are times when the bad guy will stop moving and look down at his gun. This is when you can move in and touch the gun. Again, these are times when you have no other option because you are not armed.


If you are armed with your concealed carry handgun and you come upon an active shooter, this is when you don’t want to tackle him, wrestle with him, or touch his gun. It’s time to touch your gun and go straight to his high center chest with multiple rounds.

Another important point: When the threat has been stopped and the bad guy is down, don’t go near him. There are several other things you should do, such as checking for other bad guys, calling 911 or telling someone else to, getting into a position of advantage, and telling other people to keep away from the shooter.

Do not pick up the shooter’s gun! You may be mistaken for the bad guy by responding officers and shot. It has happened.

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