Home Defense Handgun Drills at a TIR

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Duration:   2  mins

If you’re stuck in a static position inside a booth at an indoor range, this drill is useful for practicing home defense handgun tactics. PDN Contributor Andy Loeffler demonstrates the lock-box drill, in which the shooter pictures himself being under attack in the confines of his home. The shooter must take the gun out of a locked box, load it, and make accurate shots.

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6 Responses to “Home Defense Handgun Drills at a TIR”

  1. Tony

    I think this could be a good drill for someone with limited access to any type of training facility that offers little more than what is displayed in the video. The problem I have with it is having the firearm in a quick access box that is unloaded. My personal opinion is that if you have a personal defense firearm that is used as in this example for your home defense firearm it should be in a quick access box as seen here but should be loaded with one in the pipe along with having a loaded spare mag there as well. If you can have your cell phone and a flash light in close proximity to this setup is even better. I would always rather have a plan of action and have practiced a drill than just put the firearm in a box and hope I will know what to do when the time comes. Thanks for letting me share my humble opinion.

  2. Mike

    I really liked this video because the contributor did exhibit a practical example of what he was talking about….as opposed to a video that only offers dry theory or philosophy.

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