Rob Pincus

Multifunction Holsters

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Generally speaking, Rob Pincus has not been a fan of holsters that are intended to be multifunctional. It’s hard to find a holster that will work well doing the jobs that a holster needs to do while also being multi-configuration, for example, able to be worn inside or outside the waistband both equally well for concealed carry or defensive carry.


The jobs a holster needs to do well are important:

1. Ensure that the trigger can’t be actuated, pressed, pulled, or bumped into by anything outside the holster while you’re carrying the gun.
2. Hold the gun securely. If you fall down, the gun won’t pop out of the holster.
3. The holster itself must stay securely in its position, so that when you reach for it, it’s where you expect it to be. This is the point at which the average multifunctional holster often fails.


However, Rob has two options that are an effective multifunctional holster: the Weber Tactical Trifecta and the Crossbreed Holsters Modular Belly Band (co-designed by Rob). Both of these holsters can, in different ways, be configured to be comfortably, efficiently, and effectively worn in front of the hips in centerline carry or behind the hips at the 4 or 5 o’clock position.

With the Trifecta, you have to make some adjustments: change the clips, change the angle, and adjust the distance that the wing protrudes depending on the length of the grip of the handgun you’re carrying.

With the Modular Belly Band, the holster module itself and the band can be positioned in several different ways. The band can be paired with a variety of different modules as well. Also the module can be taken off the Belly Band and put into a bag for off-body carry, or into a quick-access safe at home.

These are two options where a multifunctional holster is viable, though Rob believes these are still few and far between. Choose your holster carefully!

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