Kelly Muir

Myth of the Bad Guy: Self-Defense Situations

Kelly Muir
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Duration:   7  mins

Kelly Muir’s Be the Wrong Woman program spends a lot of time working on the context of use for self-defense and the nature of attacks against women. The Myth of the Bad Guy is the idea that a disproportionate amount of time should be spent training to defend against attacks by an unknown assailant. Kelly explains who else women should train to defend against and why.

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2 Responses to “Myth of the Bad Guy: Self-Defense Situations”

  1. Jeffery L. Walke

    I love this, and I know you are very professional, I just received training on human trafficking and the FBI has said that the bad guy in the van is a huge reality. I don't believe it's over stated. I listened to several victims testimonies.

  2. Autumn

    Spot on, Kelly! This is a topic I discuss with ladies all the time. I was attacked on two separate occasions, both times by people I knew and trusted within arms reach, so I definitely encourage women to develop counter ambush skills.

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