Tactical Medical Solutions Ankle Rig for Carrying Medical Equipment

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Caleb Causey of Lone Star Medics presents two options for everyday carry of medical equipment on your body. First is the Tactical Medical Solutions ankle rig. It’s a good way to carry medical equipment without interfering with regular activities while being easy to deploy. As a right-hander, Caleb carries this medical gear on his right ankle so he can carry a backup firearm on his left ankle.

Tactical Medical Solutions Kit Contents

The Tactical Medical Solutions ankle rig contains a tourniquet, QuikClot Combat Gauze, Russell Chest Seal, and the ankle rig itself is stretchy and doubles as a pressure dressing. With these four items, you can control breathing and bleeding. Caleb demonstrates taking the items out of the kit and then reassembling it on the ankle. Simple and straightforward, yet it does take a few seconds. Is it worth it? Caleb feels that if you carry self-defense gear, you should also carry medical gear so you can administer aid to yourself or others if needed.

Marz Tactical Gear Modular Man Pack

The second option for carrying medical equipment is the Marz Tactical Gear Modular Man Pack. Carried centerline around the waist, the MMP is not in the way of your defensive firearm — no matter how you carry the firearm, as shown in many of our self-defense videos — nor is it in the way of other gear such as spare magazines. On the front of this pack is an open pocket that contains a Benchmade Rescue Hook, which can be immediately deployed to expose the patient and identity where his injuries are. Open the main pocket and the items are packed in the order you will need them: first a tourniquet, next an Olaes Modular Bandage, QuikClot Combat Gauze, and finally gear for treating breathing problems — two chest seals and a needle.

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