• Part 1: Advantage of Striker-Fired Pistols

    Part 1: Advantage of Striker-Fired Pistols

    There are several variations on the defensive handgun, from single-action to double-action, short trigger to long trigger, and hammer vs. modern striker fired guns.

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  • Home Defense Weapons

    Part 2: The ‘Any Gun Will Do’ Myth & the 9mm Pistol

    Home Defense Weapons: .45 ACP vs. 9mm pistol Rob Pincus argues that mechanical efficiency dictates that the 9mm pistol is superior to the 1911 pistol for defensive purposes. His arguments against the 1911 include its lower capacity, higher recoil, more complicated operating system (which means it is less reliable to begin with due to operator…

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  • Part 3: 9mm vs 40 Caliber

    Part 3: 9mm vs 40 Caliber

    Wondering what caliber gun to get? Rob Pincus gives his expert recommendation and explains why he thinks 9mm is the best caliber for defensive shooting and why you should consider it.

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  • Part 4: Single Stack 9mm

    Part 4: Single Stack 9mm

    The single stack 9mm handgun is the most exciting category of firearms designed specifically for personal defense on the market today. Why are people so interested in them? In addition to the facts that they are new and affordable, the single-stack is thinner than a double-stack. This makes it more concealable and more comfortable to…

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  • Part 5: Selecting a Back-Up Gun

    Part 5: Selecting a Back-Up Gun

    In a critical incident, you may need to use a back-up gun to replace the primary gun that has ceased functioning or run out of ammo. Selecting a back-up gun is not as easy as some think. Many factors should be considered, including whether your primary handgun is one that you really will carry every…

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