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Safety in Defensive Gun Training

When it comes to defensive gun training courses, safety is the responsibility of the instructor. The instructor’s job is to make constant assessments to ensure that the benefits of the training activity significantly outweigh the risks involved in that specific activity. Students come to defensive training courses to learn how to lead a safer life…

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Visualization in Defensive Firearms Training

With a simple change to your training and practice you can have a significant impact on the efficacy of your efforts.  You don’t need any extra equipment or fancy drills.  You just need to add Visualization, powered by some knowledge of violence and your imagination.

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Lessons on Politics and Tactics from the OSU Terrorist Attack

It makes sense to try to understand the facts about a situation before drawing conclusions, but at the same time, many of the facts don’t really matter. Especially if you find yourself in the middle of an attack perpetrated by a spree killer. Guns aren’t the problem and I want everyone to understand that a gun doesn’t have to be the solution.

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Quality Defensive Training Can Be a Toss Up

Many folks leave their defensive practice to chance and actually spend very little time doing anything other than target shooting. Those folks show up a the range and send some rounds down range and hope that there will be some benefit. There is a better way and, oddly enough, it can also be practiced by the toss of a coin.

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Holiday Safety and Security

The Holiday Season is a time for family, relaxation, tradition and considering the many things we are thankful for. Unfortunately, for some of the more unsavory characters in society, the holidays are a time to take advantage of those who let their guard down. The good news is that we don’t need to change what we do on a regular basis to keep out loved ones safe...

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Disparity in Understanding Deadly Force

According to CBS News, at approximately 3:00 PM Wednesday, September 23, 2015, 28 year old Jeremy McDole was shot and killed by police in Wilmington, Delaware. I don’t know if Jeremy McDole needed to be shot or if some other action could have been taken to take him safely into custody. I wasn’t there to…

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The Remington R-51: A symbol of a larger problem

Defensive handguns are life-saving tools. As a result, we treat the selection, maintenance and the training related to the defensive handgun with the respect they deserve. Failure to do so flies in the face of common sense and places you at risk of injury or death. People like you and I take defensive handguns seriously…

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Does Your Training Match Reality?

Recently, three Americans, seemingly unarmed, took action against a heavily armed terrorist on Paris-bound train. Their actions serve as a clear example of the type of response you may depend on when you find yourself in the midst of a lethal threat. The question is, “Are you up to the task?” Despite the fact that…

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