2018's 3 Best PDN Articles for the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Student

In several past Decembers, I’ve listed the articles and videos that I’ve thought were the best of the preceding year. This year, I’ve singled out 3 articles that I are important for any student of personal defense. As the Executive Director of Personal Defense Network, I have already approved any of the content you see published at the web page, but there will always be some pieces that stand out from the crowd. This year, I’ve selected three different articles that at first glance might seem to be individually appropriate for three different levels of student. In fact, I think that each offers something for everyone. Counter Ambush Training

Too often, people put themselves into categories like “beginner” or “advanced” that hamper their learning and skill development. This is true in the realm of personal defense as much as anywhere else. One might look at Mike McElmeel’s article, “Be a Good Student“, as a guide for those just getting started, but it holds several reminders and tips for even the most advanced student. Similarly, Klint Macro’s article on Stimulus Response Patterns covers a very advanced concept that most instructors in our community should be more familiar with. A beginner who understands it can set themselves on a more efficient path for applicable skill development than traditionally people find themselves on, when it comes to gun handling and defensive training.

Shooting in defense of propertyJames Flemming’s article on the risks of shooting to defend property is a thorough examination of this topic that speaks to the core of being responsibly armed and should be understood by anyone carrying or staging a defensive firearm.

While I believe that there is value in all of the articles and blogs that we have published in the past year, these three stand out to me as foundational to anyone taking their preparation for armed defense seriously. If you read them, perhaps revisit them and consider sharing them with others. If this is the first time you are seeing them, you should probably sign up for our Free Newsletter or Become A Member of PDN to make sure you don’t miss the Best of 2019!

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3 Responses to “2018's 3 Best PDN Articles for the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Student”

  1. Joseph Andrew Haverstick

    I like the program it points out weakness to most people have in physical defense.

  2. Samuel Smith

    Always learn something from you that leaves me thinking.

  3. Linda

    I really like the staged demos that you do. It works better than reading about it. Linda