Functional Fitness Training Techniques

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Air Squat Technique
Sit-Up Technique
Push-Up Technique
Kettle Bell Technique
Rifle Burpee Technique

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6 Responses to “Functional Fitness Training Techniques”

  1. Chris Winterrowd

    Always good to add non-routine activities to training.

  2. Diane Hall

    Just what I need

  3. Kevin Murphy

    I want to share this email with people I am fostering into the shooting community. When I send it, will they be able to signup and view these invaluable videos. I have been following you for years.

  4. Karl

    Thank you for this

  5. Sarwan Boodram

    Excellent us of functional exercises combined with practical shooting. I find it very applicable to all groups; military, police and civilian. Good job and thanks for sharing Rob. I certainly will incorporate it into our Executive Protection Team workouts. Thanks much.

  6. Thomas Fox

    Functional fitness