Rob Pincus

Fundamental FitShot Exercise: Air Squat

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

FitShot™ combines physical activities with practical shooting skills. Rob Pincus demonstrates one of the most basic FitShot™ exercises, the air squat, in which we move the hip below the knees, heels on the ground, back straight, chest up, and focus to the front. First we just do the squat, then repeat it with a firearm in the High Compressed Ready position — an air squat followed by a shot. It’s important to understand your range of motion and not to injure yourself.

FitShot™ is a program designed to promote fitness in the shooting community. FitShot™ exercises are not meant to be “defensive shooting training.”

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One Response to “Fundamental FitShot Exercise: Air Squat”

  1. Thor

    This is a great exercise and something I haven't done much especially with a weapon; even with decades of physical training and and combat experience My suggestion to this video and the instructor, and maybe it can be edited or added, is that to prevent injuries when doing any kind of squat or lunge exercise: the knees and quad processes should make right/90* angles. The instructor demonstrates a squat where his knees point out and away from his core. That is one of the most common and easiest ways to destroy your MCL/ACL ligaments in the knee processes. If we're to share and demonstrate exercises, we should ensure that we demonstrate proper technique right? Just like proper handling and care of a firearm, so too should proper handling of our bodies be considered.

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