Advanced Defensive Pistol Techniques 3-DVD Set


Item: K5101Q


3-DVD Set: Advanced Defensive Pistol Techniques

This dynamic set takes you beyond the basics with advanced lessons and shooting techniques to address a range of special circumstances that can occur in the midst of a worst-case scenario.

The combination of these three unique DVDs addresses critical topics for advanced defensive pistol use, including Distance, Precision, and One-Handed Shooting in emergency situations.

Presenters include Rob Pincus and Mike Seeklander, who show you some of the same techniques they train today’s professionals and those seeking advanced skills for defending themselves and others. This bundle includes 200 minutes of total run time, with these DVDs and topics:

Extended Distance Range Training – 67 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • Understanding the Need to Train at Extended Distances
  • Myths & Ballistics of Shooting at Extended Distances
  • Review of Fundamentals
  • Equipment Concerns for Extended Distance Shooting
  • Rhythm Drill
  • Near Far Drill & One Handed Shooting
  • Everyday Carry Guns
  • Stabilizing Yourself When Shooting at Extended Distance
  • Ending Our Long Distance Training Session
  • Extreme Shooting Skill Development – 60 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Shooting Mechanics: Grip
  • Shooting Mechanics: Trigger Control
  • Classic Shooting Fundamentals
  • Live Fire Practice: Random Drill
  • Laser Training Integration: Sight Alignment / Sight Picture
  • Laser Trainer Integration: Trigger Control
  • Off-Range Dry Fire Training Session
  • Dry Fire Presentation from your Holster & Reloads
  • NLT Rapid Shot Drill
  • One Handed Survival Shooting – 73 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Setting Up Your Carry Gun
  • Concealment Garments
  • Weak Handed Draw Process: The Holster Method
  • Weak Handed Draw Process: The Knee Method
  • Weak Handed Draw: The Roll Method
  • Weak Handed Draw: Behind-the-Back
  • One Handed Emergency Reloads: Primary Methods
  • One Handed Emergency Reloads: Alternative Methods
  • Weak Hand Emergency Reloads
  • One Handed Malfunction Clearing Technique: Phase-One Malfunction
  • Weak Handed Malfunction Clearing: Phase-Two Malfunctions
  • Phase-Three Clearing with One Hand
  • Live Fire Drill
  • BONUS: One-Handed Rifle Techniques