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Carbine Combatives and Retention Download




Video Download: Carbine Combatives and Retention

This video emphasizes on carbine combatives and retention. It will show you four main combative strikes, different retention drills, direct action combative drills, and more. This video also demonstrates integrating a response with a handgun. 74 minutes.


  • Gear
  • C.O.R.R.
  • C.O.R.R. Drills
  • Adding to C.O.R.R.
  • Adding to C.O.R.R.
  • Direct Action Combatives
  • Direction Action Combative Drills
  • Retention Drills
  • Alternative Strikes and Fending
  • Integrating a Response with a Handgun
  • Retention of a Secondary Tool
  • BONUS: Making a Padded Training Firearm

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