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One-Handed Survival Shooting Video Download




Video Download: One-Handed Survival Shooting

73 minutes


  • – Setting Up Your Carry Gun
  • – Concealment Garments
  • – Weak Handed Draw Process: The Holster Method
  • – Weak Handed Draw Process: The Knee Method
  • – Weak Handed Draw: The Roll Method
  • – Weak Handed Draw: Behind-the-Back
  • – One Handed Emergency Reloads: Primary Methods
  • – One Handed Emergency Reloads: Alternative Methods
  • – Weak Hand Emergency Reloads
  • – One Handed Malfunction Clearing Technique: Phase-One Malfunction
  • – Weak Handed Malfunction Clearing: Phase-Two Malfunctions
  • – Phase-Three Clearing with One Hand
  • – Live Fire Drill

BONUS: One-Handed Rifle Techniques

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