Realistic Training 3-DVD Set


Item: K5088Q


3-DVD Set: Realistic Training

In this set of 3 videos, you’ll get detailed training on key aspects of training for realistic situations and environments. Add this collection to your personal defense library today – with over 4 hours of total instruction.

Reality Based Training – 106 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • Safety in Reality Based Training
  • Building Block Approach to Training
  • The More Realistic Your Training, The Better!
  • Justification vs. Necessity
  • The Importance of Leaving
  • The Importance of Quality Role Players
  • Slow it Down
  • Pausing Scenarios During Reality Based Training
  • Not just “Good Enough”
  • Natural Conclusion to a Training Scenario
  • Seven Areas of Survival
  • Realistic Training on an Indoor Range – 75 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Planning Your Visit to a Traditional Indoor Range
  • Indoor Range Use
  • Safety Considerations Specific to an Indoor Range
  • Dealing with Elevated Noise Levels When Training at an Indoor Range
  • Balance of Speed and Precision Drill on a Traditional Indoor Range
  • Practicing with a Limited Pace of Fire on a Traditional Indoor Range
  • Home Defense Drills at a Traditional Indoor Range
  • Training for Malfunctions on a Traditional Indoor Range
  • Training with a Pump Shotgun at a Traditional Indoor Range
  • BONUS: Advantages of Practicing at a Full Service Indoor Range
  • Shooting in Realistic Environments – 65 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Three Safety Rules
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • Lateral Movement
  • Balancing Speed and Precision
  • Critical Incident Reloading
  • Threats in a Realistic Environment
  • Dynamic Shooting Session A
  • Figure 8 Drill
  • Dynamic Shooting Session B