Reality-Based Defensive Pistol Training 5-DVD Set


Item: K5103Q


5-DVD Set: Reality Based Defensive Pistol Training

All gun training is NOT alike — and this bundle shows you why. From the tools we use, to the techniques we learn, this 5-DVD set is a special collection of insightful topics that differentiates the demands of Defensive Shooting, combined with a focused approach to Reality-Based Training that will have you training differently at home and on the range.

It’s a targeted mix of lessons to help both experienced shooters and those starting out to get on the defensive pistol training track. Whether to break old habits or get off on the right foot, take advantage of this special collection to understand, apply and train the foundational principles of Reality-Based training that you need to become your defensive best.

This bundle includes 365 minutes of total run time, with these DVDs and topics:

Comparing Competitive and Defensive Firearms Training – 68 minutes

Chapter Topics:

  • Overview of Competition Training
  • Competition Gear
  • Types of Shooting Competitions
  • Competition Skill Development: Presentation from the Holster
  • Competition Skill Development: Multiple Target Engagement
  • Competition Reloads
  • Comparisons Between Military and Personal Defensive Firearms Training – 41 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Goals of Military & Law Enforcement Training
  • Equipment Selection for the Armed Professional and the Private Citizen
  • The Standardized Training Model
  • Myth of Objective Standards
  • Contrasting Predictive and Counter Ambush Training Models
  • Contrasting Evaluation Models
  • Combat Focus Shooting Evolution – 142 minutes

    Part I Chapter Topics:

  • Safety, Comfort, Competency
  • Combat Focus Shooting
  • Fundamental Mechanics of Defensive Shooting
  • High Compressed Ready
  • Safety Rules
  • Combat Accuracy
  • Extend, Touch, Press
  • Up Drill
  • Lateral Movement
  • Balance of Speed & Precision
  • Deviation Control
  • Balance of Speed & Precision Drills
  • Part II Chapter Topics:

  • Skill Development Cycle
  • Push Your Limits Drill
  • Critical Incident Reload
  • Presentation from the Holster
  • Windsprint Drill
  • 4 Factors That Effect BoS&P
  • Multiple Target Drill
  • Take a Lap Drill
  • Volume of Fire
  • Understanding the Value of Lateral Movement
  • Shooting in Motion Drill
  • Maximizing Reality Based Training – 69 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • When To Get Started with Reality Based Training?
  • How Do I Know That I Have Picked the Right Instructor for Reality Based Training?
  • Is Reality Based Training Worth the Expense?
  • How Often Should One Participate in Reality Based Training?
  • Do I Really Need an Instructor to get Value Out of Reality Based Training?
  • Skill Building Drills or Scenarios?
  • Is Reality Based Training Dangerous?
  • How Should One Integrate Marking Cartridges and/or Laser Training into Live Fire Training?
  • How Can We Test Skills with a “Fake Gun”?
  • How Do We Know That Success in Reality Based Training Will Lead to Real World Success?
  • Dryfire Practice – 45 minutes

    Chapter Topics:

  • Equipment
  • Preparation for Dryfire Practice
  • Presentation Drills
  • Practicing with a Shotgun
  • Precision Rifle Trigger Practice
  • Reloading Drill
  • Working with a Training Partner
  • Finishing Your Dryfire Practice Session
  • BONUS: Laser Training Devices