Rifle Drills & Set-Up 2-DVD Set


Item: K5089Q


2-DVD Set: Rifle Drills & Set-Up

To get the most out of any rifle, this set of 2 videos will give you some must-have tips and skills. Whether for hunting, recreational, or personal defense, you’ll learn key fundamentals in a variety of real-life applications. Total instruction of 133 minutes.

Practical Rifle Drills – 73 minutes

Rob Pincus introduces a collection of drills and tips to help you develop your ability to use a rifle in a practical environment. Too often, rifles are only shot from the bench or from the prone position. Learning to shoot your rifle from improvised positions and “on demand” through these fun and progressive drills will make you a better hunter, shooter and rifleman!

Precision Rifle Set-Up – 60 minutes

Lead Precision Marksman Instructor Sgt. Joe Scott joins Rob Pincus to review the fundamental components and set up of a precision rifle for hunting, recreational or tactical use. All the major components of the rifle are covered as are the concepts for taking a rifle from the box to extreme precision under a variety of circumstances.