Steve Aryan

TopStop AR Upper-Receiver Cover

Steve Aryan
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Duration:   1  mins

Guest presenter Steve Aryan of Grey Fox Reviews demonstrates a product that’s useful for rifle shooters who travel and need to break their rifle down into two pieces. You might need to break down a rifle or AR pistol for an airplane flight, or for shorter trips to and from the range when you want to transport the rifle discreetly in a vehicle. Either way, you have to deal with the bolt carrier group sliding out and getting oil and grease all over your bag.

Introducing the TopStop

Raven Concealment Systems has introduced the TopStop, an AR upper-receiver cover that attaches to the rifle’s upper receiver, snaps into place, and keeps your upper secure and your travel and transport bags grease free. It’s a worthwhile addition to your firearms tools and accessories if you break down your rifle for transport.

AR Upper-Receiver Cover From Raven Concealment

The TopStop AR upper-receiver cover is designed to snap on most AR-15 or M4 type upper receivers when they are detached from the lower receiver. The TopStop completely seals the upper receiver, preventing fouling from getting in or out and it stops the bolt carrier group and charging handle from sliding out as the upper is moved around.

The TopStop is made out of super tough polymer and is impervious to most solvents and chemicals. This product is perfect for storing or transporting your spare upper receivers, especially in low-profile bags where the rifle must be broken down to fit.

With the TopStop AR upper-receiver cover, your days of mopping oil and grease out of your rifle transport bags will be over.

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